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Weather patterns have been changing significantly over the years.  While the causes are debatable, it is increasingly hard to predict and plan for when winter will begin each year.  This week across the United States the Jet Stream is sitting far to the south creating a ribbon of extremely cold air.  Lots of low temperature records have been set, and it is those places that are used to warmer weather that are going to be / have been surprised this week.  And so are the dogs that live there.

Winter began 2 days ago here (not officially, that’s Dec 21st) with an area wide amount of snow (6 – 14” depending on the location).  The “lake effect” snow that happens in the Great Lakes produced additional localized bands of heavy snow near the southern and eastern end of each Lake. 

Getting to my point, my 4 dogs are all less than 20 lbs and short.  If the snow is higher than about an inch, then no one will go outside.  Well maybe Mack the #Doxie mix, but with a blustery cold wind blowing not even Mack would venture forth.  After shoveling a small path on the lawn it was time to inventory the dog coats on hand to outfit my #furbabies for the cold weather. 

Mack the #Dachshund mix always has been cold, even in spring and fall.  He has short hair and radiates heat all year long.  Under a blanket or comforter is his favorite place to sleep.  He enjoys wearing pajamas and has 3 pairs we rotate through.  Jammies are the only clothing in his closet.  (He is not a fan of coats.)  His pajamas are the Pet Luv and Frisco brand.  (shop pj's on eBay in my store).

BabyGirl the #Poodle has been a fashion plate since I got her, mainly because of her shorn fur condition.  She enjoys her wardrobe of shirts, dresses, and coats that line her closet.  She is currently wearing a sleeveless sweatshirt coat by Petrageous Designs in the current weather. 

Molly Shih Tzu has never really been interested in clothing.  I keep her hair long and brush it several times a week.  She has never been a cold dog.  Perhaps on a sub-zero February day she appreciated a coat.  This year, however, Molly began shivering a few weeks ago.  So I found a Hoodie from Mirage Pet that fit her nicely.  She really appreciates it and seems toasty now. 

And then there’s Duffy the #Poodle who does not appreciate clothes at all.  Or going outside really.  He tiptoes out onto the sidewalk, pees at the edge and runs back in the house on a sunny day.  Rain or snow he’d rather stay inside.

Here are links to warm dog clothing in both my eBay store Dog Apparel on eBay from Michelle's Dog Stuff  and on this website Clothing on Michelle's Dog Stuff Website….

So do you put warm clothing on your pet? Leave a comment below.

-          Michelle

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